Occupy Higher Ed!

  1. This week is the first ‘indignants’ anniversary and to celebrate the date #15M I’ll talk to you about those consequences on HighEd…
  2. occupy

    Education Rights Day of Action March 1, 2012. My students fighting for their education. #occupyeducation #occupyed
  3. edXOnline
    MT @Harvard: We’re launching #EdX, a new education initiative from @harvard & @MITNews, at 10am ET. Press conf. LIVE: hvrd.me/JSQzfH
  4. EDUCAUSEreview
    Future U: Classroom tech doesn’t mean handing out tablets- Ars Technica bit.ly/JkbN4L (via @emasters)
  5. Begabungs
    RT @jtoufi: Harvard University y el MIT se alían para la educación abierta @EdxOnline. Seguirle la pista. edxonline.org/
  6. gonca1708
    I’m taking Greek and Roman Mythology – a free @coursera online class. Join me and sign up at coursera.org/course/mythology
  7. CrazyRazy
    I’m taking Game Theory – a free @coursera online class. Join me and sign up at game-theory-class.org
  8. SophieZ_Ivanova
    I’m taking Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World – a free @coursera online class. coursera.org/course/fantasysf
  9. chris_markwick
    I’m taking Software Engineering for SaaS – a free @coursera online class. Join me and sign up at saas-class.org
Original posted by Gerard Pagès i Camps on Monday, May 14, 2012 on #LibTechNotes a blog from the LibraryLabs at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Library