Horizon Report > 2012 Higher Education Edition

Every year the Horizon Report is a Guideline where to start to imagine new and creative projects for our library.

“People expect to be able to work, learn, and study whenever and wherever they want to. Life in an increasingly busy world where learners must balance demands from home, work, school, and family poses a host of logistical challenges with which today’s ever more mobile students must cope. Work and learning are often two sides of the same coin, and people want easy and timely access not only to the information on the network, but also to tools, resources, and up-to-themoment analysis and commentary. These needs, as well as the increasingly essential access to social media and networks, have risen to the level of expectations. The opportunitiesfor informal learning in the modern world are abundant and diverse, and greatly expand on earlier notions like “just-in-time”or“found”learning.”

and more:

“New modes of scholarship are presenting significant challenges for libraries and university collections, how scholarship is documented, and the business models to support these activities. While the university library has traditionally housed collections of scholarly resources,social networks and new publishing paradigms, such as open content, are challenging the library’s role as curator. Students and educators are increasingly able to access important, historic research in web browsers on devices of their choosing. As such, libraries are under tremendous pressure to evolve new ways of supporting and curating scholarship.

These trends and challenges are a reflection of the impact of technology that is occurring in almost every aspect of our lives. They are indicative of the changing nature of the way we communicate, access information, connect with peers and colleagues, learn, and even socialize. Taken together, they provided the advisory board a frame through which to consider the potential impacts of nearly 50 emerging technologies and related practices that were analyzed and discussed for possible inclusion in this edition of the NMC Horizon Report series. Six of those were chosen through successive rounds of ranking; they are summarized below and detailed in the main body of the report. ”

But… are we ready for all these challenges?

Apps, tablets and learning analytics are trends to watch but is up to you to be on the edge and brake these rules…

we work for the Internets:

The Net Doesn’t Free People: People Free People

This is a mantra I repeat every day… and we try to do everything following some simple rules..
First: to be nice. Make things useful and pretty.
Second: to be happy. Creativity and an easygoing environment are the key for happiness at work. And in Academic Libraries this is the first step to be competitive. Is where something new has the change to grow up and develop.
And last: make something awesome. Surprise yourself doing that crazy thing. Be brave! brake some rules and improvise… maybe you are on the edge of trending e-learning…

Original posted by Gerard Pagès i Camps  on Monday, April 9, 2012 on #LibTechNotes a blog from the LibraryLabs at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Library