The power of making

Last week was in London on hollidays. Enjoyed the city shopping and attending at some art openings (was the Freeze!). On one of the exhibitions I was…, in V&A, I read a very inspiring Introduction by Daniel Charny, the curator of ‘The Power of Making’:

‘Making is the most powerful way that we solve problems, express ideas and shape our world. What and how we make defines who we are, and communicates who we want to be.’

ghetti alphabet

ghetti alphabet

and continues: ‘For many people, making is critical for survival. For others, it is a chosen vocation: a way of thinking, inventing and innovating.’

And that’s true for us. ‘Thinking, inventing and innovating‘ to solve problems. ‘Thinking, inventing and innovating‘ to manage our library collection: knowing what we have and what subjects we cover. ‘Thinking, inventing and innovating‘, using the new technologies that we are learning and reusing all old database systems we own to manage our resources (OPAC and the eResouces we put on the classrooms) and their subject coverage.

Several months ago we started a new Lab project: our main goal? to try to visualize and connect all the data we have about our collection and the virtual classrooms. Now we are proud to announce that we have something to show! a Collection Data Analysis Tool. 
An interface to provide access to data and indicators that allow analysis and management of the collection in relation to coverage, from the different dimensions and perspectives arising from the policies of the Library.

Now you can see a brief of the project on our Library Lab Web page... and in a few weeks we will start to publish a little bit more… we are starting a user tests for improvements and a final touch!

‘And for some it [-the power of making-] is simply a delight to be able to shape a material and say ‘I made that’. The power of making is that it fulfils each of these human needs and desires.’

Original posted by Gerard Pagès i Camps on Monday, October 17, 2011 on #LibTechNotes a blog from the LibraryLabs at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Library