a Storify of #UOCimao (Isaac Mao talks at UOC on may 5, 2011)

  1. isaac
    half sleeping (@ Barcelona airport gate D8) 4sq.com/k8h2OH
  2. Al Media-TIC assistint a la conferència “El poder de compartir” amb Isaac Mao #UOCimao http://twitpic.com/4tli13
  3. UOCdirecte
    In religion “giving” is word, indicates positive karma #UOCiMao
  4. liblabs
    Blogger readers became blogger writers, Wikipedia readers became Wikipedia contributors #UOCimao
  5. UOCdirecte
    @isaac now showing The Torrent of Meme by @amolist, a chinese blogger #UOCimao
  6. anespadas
    Benefits of sharing: Identity, Social capital, Credit recording, Trackback of the Path of Value Adding (PVA) #UOCimao
  7. lizcastro
    Credit reporting is way of collecting/accounting social capital to benefit sharer of info in physical ways @isaac #uocimao
  8. tona_monjo
    One neuron connected to another neuron and to another one generates the loop effect, so the information can be amplified #uocimao
  9. UOCdirecte
    Technical issues are solved. Mentally we need more preemtive to feed the world relevant information #UOCimao
  10. GiCamps
    #UOCimao Q: is Sharism the 60’s of internet? Where is our Woodstock?
  11. xdurana
    Q: Is #sharism compatible with capitalism idea of profit? Shall we redefine the economic model to get into social profit? @isaac #uocimao
  12. RT @leoruffini: #uocimao Cloud Intelligence Diagram http://yfrog.com/h4aycipj from @isaac
  13. UOCdirecte
    Share, a new measurement, currency and capital that you can use and collect #UOCimao
  14. GiCamps
    Libraries are a natural born sharing field, librarians a real revolutionaries #UOCimao
  15. vitelone
    Am I the only one who feels #uocimao it’s all just for show?
  16. UOCdirecte
    RT @lizcastro: Ricardo Galli: How do you measure the value of sharing? (I second this Q. And also do we really want to assign $value to sharing?) #uocimao
  17. ictlogist
    .@gallir challenging #Sharism as yet another capitalism with a new currency (reputation, karma, ‘share’) #UOCimao
  18. lizcastro
    The people and sites that I value most online are not necessarily the most popular or retweeted #uocimao
  19. UOCdirecte
    @gallir questioning @isaac if #sharism is not just another form of capitalism, where you share money #UOCimao
  20. mireialeg
    Mao: “sharism is an emergent democracy” #uocimao
  21. GiCamps
    RT @xdurana: Where’s the dicotomy if #sharism talks about assigning value to people as money does? RT @liblabs: #sharism vs #capitalism #UOCimao
  22. lizcastro
    If people share with ulterior motives ($$), is their contribution as valuable? I don’t think so. #uocimao
  23. GiCamps
    @isaac do you will answer tweets later? #UOCimao conversation here is being interesting.
Original posted by Gerard Pagès i Camps on Thursday, May 5, 2011 on #LibTechNotes a blog from the LibraryLabs at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Library